Ouidad Testimonials

“I have to say a huge Thank You to Donna! I am thrilled with my Ouidad cut, all of my Ouidad products and especially being free of my hairspray addiction. :-) I always knew my hair should be easier to work with but just couldn’t ever find the right cut, the right shampoo and conditioner, the right product, etc. I liked my curls before but now I absolutely love them! Donna walked me through every step of the cut and styling process from beginning to end, which was very important to me. It was such a refreshing experience dealing with someone so warm and friendly. All of the staff that I encountered were great. While this is the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had, it is truly a case of getting what you pay for. I’m headed back for hi-lights next month and I can’t wait!!”

Testimonial By: Terria

I drove from Alabama to have my hair cut by a Ouidad stylist. I had not cut my hair in over 3 years due to no one seemed to be able to cut it without making it big. Sara was amazing. She took time with me to listen and worked on my hair for more than 2 hours. This trip to D’74 was a birthday present from my mother. Such a wonderful memory and experience. I will be back to see her in the spring!

Testimonial By: Cara

I have lived in Atlanta for 3 years and have been flying home to Florida to get my Ouidad cut because there hasnt been a salon anywhere near Atlanta. I called the second I found out about D’74 salon and they were able to fit me in that same week. Sara was BEYOND amazing and my curls are finally back to their old ways. I could not be more excited for this salon. The staff is friendly and knows the struggles of curly hair. I encourage anyone with remotely wavy curly hair to go to this salon and try a Ouidad cut. It will change the way you feel about your curls.

Testimonial By: Gayle

It was nice to be in a salon where they spoke the curl language. Donna understood the pains of curly hair and made the experience a great one.

Testimonial By: Shirley

I was already an existing client of Sara’s when she told me about the Ouidad cut. I was in for my regular cut and color when she noticed I had left my hair natural, and asked If I would like to try it. I’ve always trusted her judgment, and she’s never steered me wrong before, so I let her go with it. I am so glad I did!!! My hair has never looked or felt better!! I would definitely recommend getting the deep treatment with the cut and she will too since I noticed a difference right away, and their shampoo chairs are fabulous!! The Salon is lovely, the staff is always helpful and friendly, and Sara is a gem!! I would only wear my hair natural every now and then, but now I get compliments all the time, and I finally love my curls!! Thanks again Sara!

Testimonial By: Barbara

Donna has given me hope for my hair. Finally a stylist that knows curly hair and how to cut it. I was very pleased with my Ouidad cut the day I received it but, even more pleased when I woke up the next morning and it STILL looked good! The curl was still there. Donna is very professional and knowledgeable .The salon is the nicest I have been in Peachtree City. The special sink they use for shampooing is super comfortable. Staff is friendly and professional.


Donna, I can’t thank you enough for a beautiful style and cut, the Ouidad way. I have never been happy after a hair cut/style – no one understood my curly hair. Leaving your salon I felt confident and extremely happy with my curls. They are beautiful, defined, frizz free, and shiny. They are just as happy as I am. I refuse to go to anyone else for my cuts/styles from now on. Thanks for going the extra mile to get Ouidad certified. Well worth it – and what would I do without a Ouidad salon in GA? You are AWESOME! Thank you

Testimonial by: Jenine
I can attest to every bit of the description of Kari listed above! She absolutely listens to what her client wants in a cut and will also share her great knowledge of what will and won’t work based upon your head of hair. At my request, Kari has selected two very different and bold cuts for me – and I LOVED them both. She knows when to trim and when to cut. She knows texture, volume, personality, style, creativity…Kari is the whole package when it comes to a stylist! Sit down in her chair and you’ll know you’re in the right place. Enjoy!

Testimonial By: River Rockefeller

“I received a fantastic set of highlights today from Robin. Robin understood exactly what I envisioned for my hair. I walked in with dull, muted, plain hair and walked out with shiny, vibrant, striking hair. Everyone in the salon is welcoming and the salon itself is a very relaxing place to be. I highly recommend!”

by barbara.nelms

I would follow Donna if she ever moved. She is A+++++++++. Besides being extremely professional she is a delightful person. I bet the nay-sayers wouldn’t be happy with anyone, so don’t sweat the small stuff. I pay for what I get and that makes me extremely happy. I will be there until the end.

Great Salon! All of the gals there have years of experience, and worked together in a previous salon. The salon is clean, friendly, upbeat and fashion forward. I would recommend any stylist there to anyone!

by Darryl

Had a wonderful experience and super haircut by Jeannie! Attractive new salon with helpful and courteous care. Will be back!!!

by Cat

What a wonderful salon!! I picked this salon after I received a hair trim from my regular hair dresser of 1.5 yrs. It was a terrible hair cut. So here I am…..with this really bad,hair cut. Did not know what to do…..so checked out the internet..and came across the couple of reviews that really praised this salon. So I called; asked for the hairstylist with a good reputation for cutting short, feminine hair. Viola – the receptionist said that would be Jeannie.

So I went……with a hat on…as that is as bad as my hair cut was! I was so impressed.

Jeannie gave suggestion based on my square face and my laid back life style.

Jeannie was so nice also. A real person….who knows how to cut and style!

I am definitely going back in 5 weeks! 5 stars!

by Jessica

Wow what a beautiful new salon!! I am not sure who I tried out (forgot her name) but they all seemed like they were doing great work!! The moment I stepped in the door they were offering me a beverage. The atmosphere is great too with lots of Artsy little touches everywhere. The shampoo bowls were the most comfortable that I have every sat in. The best part is that my hair looks amazing. The stylist really listened to what I had to say and even suggested something that was better then the picture that I brought in. My stylist was really upbeat and trendy and she said how much she enjoyed working there. I would recommend this salon to any of my friends or family!! In fact I set up a appointment for my daughter for next week and took some of there flyers to work. Thanks again for doing such a great job on my hair!!